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Music Lessons in Calgary and Environs

Calgary Music Tutor offers Guitar lessons, Drums lessons, and Piano lessons. We are becoming North America’s biggest music lesson franchise. We are working hard to ensure that we make Piano, Guitar, drums and vocal lessons a pleasure. In addition, We are present online on Udemy and Thinkific education platforms; where we offer lessons on music training.


We arrange Piano, Guitar and Drums recitals during the months of June and December. The students have the opportunity to register a month in advance.

Weekly blogs are written and we host musical events across the country. Also, there are periodic recitals for our students. Calgary music Tutor is where you want to be; and where you want your children to come for their musical development. Every child deserves a nurtured dream.

In addition to the Piano lesson, Drums lesson, and Guitar lessons; we introduce both young and old to Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). Ear training is also part of the training routine. This, we believe, will enable them to develop their taste in music for self-expression. You can register here: registration now

We do have conducive music training environments where our students can grow. As a result, our students are happy during every lesson.

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