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Calgary Music Tutor is a subsidiary of Bow Lake Music.

Piano and keyboard lessons in Calgary and Airdrie. Drum lessons in the Calgary area! Guitar lesson in Calgary and Airdrie area.
We specialize in the training of people on musical instruments like Piano, Guitar, Drums, Trumpet, Recorder and percussion instruments. Register your child or yourself today and we can give you a discount.

We have experienced teachers who have played the musical instruments over a decade and on many continents. Our instructors are valuable resources for our students. We employ both Suzuki training method and the Royal Conservatory of Music method in our teaching of Piano, Guitar, and Drum. This makes it easy for our students to have a thorough understanding of the fundamental theory of music. This enables a proper understanding of musical instruments of their choice. We offer training classes at our centers and come to your house to offer “Private” lessons.

Group Lessons

Group Piano lesson sessions are available at our facilities for students of all ages and abilities. Our programs are designed to enable you to have a very good grasp of the fundamental concepts of music. No matter the musical instrument you choose to focus on. Both regular classroom and visual aids are used extensively, with world-class musical instrument exposures. Online/Video classes are now available from January 2018 for the student who lives far away.

Individual Sessions

We exist because of you. Therefore, we have listened to your desires. We also organize one-on-one Piano lessons and coaching both at our NW and SW locations and home. You can also ask for the availability of home sessions throughout the city. We do have a presence in the NW, SW a NE quadrant. Should a student miss a session for any reason, it might be possible to arrange an online video class through Zoom or Skype.

In-Home Lessons

Get in touch with us on 587-997-4616 or send message to, if you require the in-home lesson.

Musical Instruments and Books

We offer fairly used musical instruments for sale as well. Get in contact with us for Keyboard, Guitar, drums and lessons books.

Drums lesson, Piano lesson, Guitar lesson

drums lesson, Piano lesson, Guitar lesson

Summer Programs for Children


A Bow Lake Music subsidiary.

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