Our terms and conditions.

  • Cancellation of lessons must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, full lesson rate would be charged for abrupt cancellations.
  • Kindly come at least 5 minutes early for prompt start and end of lessons.
  • Ensure the kids come with the required materials (Lesson books, note books, pencil, Guitar- if required) for each lesson. Extra materials may not be available.
  • Kindly pick your ward on time to allow room for others.
  • Suspension of lessons must be notified at least one month in advance. A written letter or email addressed to admin@calgarymusictutor.ca or admin@bowlakemusic.com are the only valid means. SMS notification will not be regarded and an invoice may be sent to you for no proper suspension notification.
  • Students must practice at least 10 minutes daily to allow good progress. Your kids will get Piano Marvel username and Password for easy home lesson.
  • Note that music education does take time, allow for at least 24 weeks of lessons for the concepts to be properly understood and practiced.

Kindly register here: www.calgarymusictutor.ca/bookonline
Looking forward to welcoming you or/and your children .

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Kindly pay attention to the following policies/terms and conditions:


1.1 Lessons are charged in blocks of four or five and payment is always required in advance. A card on file or full payment for semester or packages is required upon registration or when due.

1.2 Cash and E-transfer are made payable to Calgary Music Tutor and registered with autodeposit (The name of the founder may show in INTERAC).

1.3 Please make all payments before the lesson begins.

1.4 Lessons fees are non-refundable and non-transferable

1.5 Lesson Packages, any discounts offered to existing students for lesson packages will be valid to customers making payment at the beginning, on the first lesson, of any new block of lessons.

1.6 Students are responsible for providing a suitable instrument for instruction. Tuition does not

include the cost for lesson books, materials etc.

1.7 Teachers reserve the right to decide whether any individual student requires specialist

tuition due to learning difficulties and the right to suspend lessons indefinitely or recommend

private tuition where required.

1.8 Minimum lesson commitment is six (6) months.

Missed lessons and cancellations

2.1 Each student is entitled to six cancellations per year, for the period 1st October to 30th

September each school year. Twenty-four (24) hours’ notice must be given in order to

constitute a cancellation. Late cancellations on the day of your lesson will have to be charged

for at the current rate of 100% of the fee and will also not be included in your allowance of six

allowed cancellations per year. After your six cancellations have been used then additional

lessons will be charged for.

2.2 The music school will be closed for two weeks at Christmas and one week over Easter, we

do not stop teaching classes over half term or during the summer holidays. Please ensure that

you check this website and read the holiday notices which are distributed before every holiday.

2.3 You will not be charged for lessons cancelled by the music teacher.

2.4 You will not be charged over the holidays that the music school has taken.

Arrival and Departure of Students

31. Please ensure the students use toilet before the lessons.

3.2 Please arrive on time and decide to return pick up students punctually. This is important as

other classes may be interrupted

3.3 We kindly implore parents to drop their children and come back for pick-up. Parents are to

wait in the vehicle or come back to pick their ward for maximum concentrations.

General Terms

4.1 Please keep the school informed of any changes in contact details, any changes in mobile

number of address are essential especially for emergencies, it is important for you to have an

answerphone on your telephone number to avoid disappointment as there may be occasional

last-minute changes to lessons due to unforeseen circumstances.

4.2 Students may not cause harm or damage to equipment on the premises or walk around the

building into any other areas without permission from the teacher.

4.3 Calgary Music School reserves the right to terminate lessons indefinitely due to consistent

absenteeism, lack of progress, bad behavior and any reason relating the progress of other

students or any other reasonable cause. Verbal abuse from parents/students will always result

in instant termination of lessons without refund.

Release of Liability

I agree on behalf of myself, my heirs, assign and minor(s), I release and hold harmless Calgary

Music Tutor (A division of Bow Lake Music), its owners and operators from all liability, claims

and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury, that

may be sustained by the participant and/or undersigned while taking music lessons. I

understand that I am responsible for my child up until lesson time.

Many Thanks

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