While there are plenty of reasons why people drop out of piano lessons, there are more than enough reasons why you should stick with it.

Highlighted below are 10 reasons why you should not drop out of your piano lessons.

Consider these tips as motivation for you to continue your piano lesson journey. Your life will be filled with music, fun and joy

1. An anti-stress medicine and a happy pill.

Imagine a world without hearing  music from a piano. The world can be stressful and by just playing or listening to a piano, every stress that you have can vanish without you even noticing.

Playing piano is a kind of escape from the stressful world especially during this pandemic. 

Everyone is worried and anxious in the present moment as well as the future. But when your fingers start to press every key of the piano, the melody and soothing sound coming from the piano will just surely lighten up your mood and boost the happy hormones in your body.

Aside from that, the music that the piano creates will take you to the world in your imagination. It will caress you like a baby being put to sleep or entice you to move your body to the beat

2. Sharpens the mind.

Studies show that playing the piano has an impact on the brain. It stimulates the brain to improve functions towards the body.

Researchers discovered that students who enroll in piano lessons improve not only their IQs, but also their EQs as seen in their school performance results.

There is something in playing piano that enables a person to perform better intellectually most especially sharpening the memory and vocabulary.

People who are continuously playing piano tend to be good at memory even at their old age.

3. Enhances Concentration.

As part of engaging in piano lessons, playing piano helps improve concentration. When we play piano, we do not only use our hands and fingers but also our eyes, brain and sometimes our feet.

With a combination of these, we are being taught how to coordinate those body parts and how to focus continually doing it, thus making us able to play the piano well and producing remarkable music.

4. Improves motor skills

It is obviously one of the reasons why you should not quit your piano lessons because playing piano develops and improves our motor skills. 

Not every instrument requires complex body coordination by the eyes, hands and fingers. That is why playing piano is considered a bit difficult to master  because of the complex movements needed.

So if you practice piano lessons, you’ll learn much more about eye and hand coordination and thus improves your motor skills.

5. A kind of exercise.

Do you consider only exercise as moving much of your body like jogging, running or boxing?

Well, for you to know, playing piano can make you sweat more than jogging every day.

As mentioned earlier, it involves complex body coordination every time you try to play it.

Constantly moving your eyes, your hands and fingers, your feet, as well as having proper body posture and using your mind to read and understand, and even your ears and mouth for singing, do not only make you sweat but also burn fats in your body.

It’s a healthy form of exercise that makes you become fit not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

6. A growth hormone contributor.

According to studies, students who involve themselves in piano lessons tend to have an increase in growth hormones than those students who are not into piano lessons.

They say that these students are more energetic and who can be seen without complaining about body pains and body aches. The reason is attributed to the increased growth hormones in their bodies.

7. Encourages creativity.

With improved mental ability because of playing piano, it also enables piano lessons’ students to become more creative most especially in dealing musicality.

As they play with the sounds and rhythm, they try to create their own melody and tune and also they try to play with the sound by making a slow mo version or upbeat version of it, etc.

As they continue to play piano, they become interested in creating their own lyrics and putting on it their  own music.

8. Establishes discipline.

Discipline is the number one factor that you can learn in playing a piano. With much complex body coordination, without discipline on your focus and attention as well as in your movements, you can never play a piano well.

As you continue to play piano, you will become a disciplined or a more disciplined person. Being a disciplined person will take you to places. It will keep you growing in a more beautiful way, will bring you to success and will keep you from regrets.

9. Promotes social engagement.

Not only will piano lessons improve your mental and physical well being but also your emotional and social well being.

Being able to learn how to play a piano is such a remarkable achievement. This achievement makes us proud of ourselves and thus creates confidence in us.

When we are confident, we don’t feel inferior towards others and we don’t feel shy facing and interacting with other people.

Also, through piano lessons we become exposed to many people, from our classmates and teachers  and also to the audience during recitals and performance programs. This teaches us to be more sociable and engaging towards others because this is one of the purposes of playing piano – to entertain people.

10. Boosts self-confidence.

As discussed above, one big reason you should not drop out of your piano lesson is because it will help you establish and boost your self-confidence. 

Self-confidence is very much important in the life of every individual because it drives us to face the world. It makes us fearless.

If you have self-confidence, you can achieve great things in life, most especially all the things that you dreamt of.

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