Unfortunately some students start to lose interest in continuing with their music lessons. There are many reasons why this can happen.

They say students who are studying music lessons are far better at performing well in school and can be happier than those who did not involve themselves into music lessons. That is the best thing about music. It provides more adventure and happiness in life – a life that is more worth living. 

What maybe the reason or reasons why a student quits learning music lessons? While there are many different factors contributing to the reason some students suddenly stop music lesson we have outlined ten of them below.

1.The Teacher Factor

An honest statement says that a student’s output depends upon the teacher’s input and the teacher themself.

This is true for most of the students that when they don’t like their teacher they also will not enjoy to study in that particular subject handled by the teacher. 

The level of knowledge and expertise held by the teacher can have a great impact on the interest of their students. If the students are having a hard time understanding their instructors they may lose motivation in the lessons.

The teacher’s attitude can have a great effect on their relationship with the students. If they tend to be very strict or not treat the students well this can cause the students to be afraid of and no longer continue attending the class.

2. Parents’ Support

Having parents to support their child in their dreams is the best feeling in the world. But what if parents were not doing that?

Not having that support can make the child feel lost and not motivated to continue with their dreams. Learning a new skill can be difficult and requires support from your peers.

If a child is not feeling this support from their parents they will slowly begin to lose interest in continuing with their music lessons. Not feeling that they are going to achieve their goals will cause them to eventually quit.

3. Obstacles Along the Way

Every child or student should know that nothing new will come easy. It takes practice, determination and patience to acquire a new skill.

Some students are not patient enough to wait for the results of their new skill. These are some of the obstacles that they need to overcome.

When thy are experience exhaustion, but still they have not perfected the piano or how to properly strum a guitar, they tend to immediately lose hope. This can cause them to feel discouraged and want to quit.

4. Divided Time

A certain student who studies well everyday for a good grade, who also needs to help in the household chores, who also is the team leader of the Basketball team, who also does community service and who also is attending music lessons everyday really needs to have a proper time management.

Why? Obviously, because he cannot serve 2 or more masters at the same time. He or she may end up choosing one and quitting all the others.

Most students quit for some reason that they have a lot of priorities in life and they don’t have time anymore or they can’t manage their time well.

5. The Value of Focus

What is the value of focus? 

It’s easy. When you focus on something, you can clearly see what it is really.

Same thing for most students, when they enroll for music lessons, they always say that they want to learn but their attention is on something else, like they need to finish the lesson quickly so they can go home and watch their favorite soccer show or play mobile games.

Focus is something following in a straight path without instance to change direction. 

When a student’s mind is physically absent during lessons, they tend to learn a little and their interest is becoming less and less.

6. Not Really Interested

The first thing a parents should do is ask their child if they are interested in taking music lessons. It is important to ensure that they want to be there before enrolling them.

Why? Because it’s just a waste of time, money and effort if the child or student is not interested in what he/she is doing in the first place.

No matter what the music teacher does with the student, it will have no effect on the part of the student because the student is not really interested.

Most students will either end up hating their parents for forcing to do  things they don’t like or quitting the music lessons quickly.

7. Instrument’s Fault

It’s crazy but sometimes, it’s the musical instrument that causes a student to stop attending music lessons.

It could either be the musical instrument is already old and not functioning well or always needs fixing every time it’s being used.

Another reason is that maybe the complexity of the musical instrument makes the student feel more difficulty in understanding the music lessons.

8. It’s Getting Boring

Most often, student’s get bored during a class or training. This is normal, but when it happens all the time, it can force students to just quit.

The way teachers handle their lessons and the way the class is being programmed are factors to consider, so that it will not become boring on the part of the student.

When students already feel bored, they tend to become disinterested and will refocus their attention to something else.

9. Practice Time

They say practice makes perfect. But what if you lack the practice?

Every parent should know the needs of their children. Knowing the fact that their child enrolled in a music lessons class, they must give him ginormous time to practice in his music lessons, like playing a musical instrument.

When the child lacks the practice, he or she will not be confident to continue his music lessons because he or she hasn’t been able  to learn the lesson.

During a performance test, the child will not be confident in front of his or her teacher and classmates and end up being shy and will not show face anymore to his music class.

10. Money Issues

The obvious reason why a student quits his music lessons is money.

Money is really a big issue in enrolling in a music class. Of course, a student must have money in order to support his or her tuition or fees and other things he or she needs in his or her music class.

With shortage or lack of money, the student will have not choice but to quit in his or her music class.

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