5 Best Online Music Games For Your Classroom

If you feel that your students lack the energy to participate in your class, and the class is becoming boring already, then why not incorporate games in it sometimes?

Yes, games, you read it right! But not just any games, but online games.

There are plenty of music games online that are very educational rather than just normal games for fun.

These music games vary from a beginner type to an expert type. So, it would be easy for you to choose the kind of music games and level that will suit your students’ knowledge and skills level.

So how would you do it? Well, either you will bring a projector and attach your computer or laptop to it and then you load the online music games and let your students try it individually or by group.

Another way is to have it on your website if you have a website. Of course, do the drill. Let your students log in to your website and register their names and have them play there one by one using your school’s computer lab or their own laptops, tablets or  phones.

Using your website is also very helpful during this time of pandemic. Most classes are already conducted online and because of that as a music teacher in times like these, having a website gives you so much advantage.

By using online games as another way of teaching music lessons, you’ll be able to see your students not just learn but also being challenged and at the same time are having fun.

You can establish a high score and then let your students beat your score or let your students compete for the highest ranked score. Then you can grade or  reward them using their scores.

This is a fun activity that all students would definitely enjoy.

So presented below are five examples of the best online games for your classroom.

1. Music Memory Game

This game is best known to help the players be able to memorize music notes and other musical elements.

This game challenges not only your students’ memory but also their musical talents and skills.

The instruction is to listen to the sound of the music notes being played and then replay them by pressing the correct buttons.

Visit: https://www.primarygames.com/arcade/music/musicmemory/

2. Orchestra Game from Magic Flute

This type of game focuses on identifying the musical instruments based on the sound being played.

It also encourages players to memorize the sound of the musical instrument as well the musical instrument itself on how it looks and how it is being played.

This is fun when your students are still learning about the musical instruments and their sounds. They would for sure get confused at first but would love to repeat it again and again.

This game also enables students to familiarize classical music.

Visit: http://www.musicgames.net/livegames/orchestra/orchestra2.htm

3. Whack-A-Note

This game is for those who are good at listening to music notes.

All you have to do is listen to the music notes being played and then choose and click from the options which note is being played on.

This game offers fun and also will help you really learn the musical note’s sound, how do it looks like and where is it position in the music staff.

You can really learn from this game even without having a proper theory lessons for this.

Visit: https://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/interactives/steprightup/whackanote/

4. Monkey Sing, Monkey Doh!

This is a funny and a very challenging game. This game helps you to tell your Doh from your Re from your Me.

The game introduces Marcel, a friendly monkey that will guide you all throughout the game.

He will start by giving you a string note and then he will sing a series of notes. All you have to do is recognize the pitch of the notes that Marcel sings and move the notes into the correct position in the stave.

This is not advisable for beginners but totally for intermediate and expert ones. Well, it’s a very fun game if you’ll try it for beginners.

Visit: https://www.musicteachers.co.uk/games/monkey-doh/index.html

5. Weather Wise!

This game is also fun and will really help you being a beginner to improve your knowledge of Rhythm and Time Signatures.

The instruction says that you will see a  flashcard with a bar of music. The sum of the note values in the bar will not match the time signature because there is a missing note.

The players will see three clouds raining different note values. All you have to do is to identify which cloud is raining the missing note value.

Isn’t this game really amazing huh?

Visit: https://www.musicteachers.co.uk/games/weather-wise/index.html

There are really plenty of music games online and all you have to do is search the best music games for your students.

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