A Music-Filled Christmas

Are you familiar with the movie ”Barbie in The Nutcracker”? 

Ever since I was a young child, I am really into fairy tales and fantasy stories about a prince and a princess who at the end will live happily ever after. That is the reason why during that Christmas,  as a young kid, I remember I was captivated to watch the movie “Barbie in The Nutcracker” even though it will be shown very late at night at that Christmas.

The “Barbie in The Nutcracker” was the reason that I had the most unforgettable Christmas as a kid that time. It was because the movie enabled me to experience a music-filled Christmas, and oh, not only about the music but also the movie was filled with dancing.

I was really amazed, as a kid, it was my first time to see, hear  and experience a musical. I was tantalized with the sound – that wonderful music that can lull you to sleep but at the same time can make your body move. Wow! That was so beautiful! It was a spirit-lifting music and dance that I have seen from the movie.

Not only the Prince and the Princess but also with all the people dancing, it was so amazing and wonderful to witness.  I had such a magnificent music-filled Christmas.

As a young kid at that time, I already appreciate the importance of music in our life – how much more during the Christmas season. It will really make our Christmas more enjoyable, fun and unforgettable. I really look forward to every Christmas to make it a “music-filled Christmas”. 

For me, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without music all around, like all the carols and Christmas songs being played all over the city and town.

The music I heard from the movie ”Barbie in The Nutcracker” was a classical one. I am not sure but I guess it was a combination of piano, violin and some other musical 

instruments. Also, if I am not mistaken, it was played by an orchestra. It was just so wonderful in my ears. It was heartwarming and it brought a lot of happiness, joy and can calm an anxious heart. The music was just so relaxing!

This is the effect of music in our lives. It brings us joy and healing. We literally cannot live without music all around. Music is a fundamental need to be precisely said. How lonely, boring and sad the world could be without music.

Many of us are heartbroken during this Christmas 2020 because of the pandemic. Some lost their loved ones, some lost their jobs, and some lost their hope already.

Let us be reminded that we can in our own little ways lift up one’s broken heart. For sure, we can use music as a medicine to heal a broken and hopeless heart.

This Christmas 2020 reminds us that despite all the hardships we’ve been through, there is still one reason to be happy – to be joyous, and that is Christmas itself. Christmas was, is and will always be a gift to us by God. Without Christmas, we won’t be here already in this beautiful world. That is why, let’s make our Christmas, our every Christmas a wonderful season of our life.

How can we do that? Remember music? Yes! You have it on your mind. Let us fill our Christmas with music. Let us fill our hearts with music. I tell you, just by hearing the sound of music this Christmas, for sure, you’ll feel Christmas in your hearts, in your life.

Just by hearing a Christmas jingle or carol, our heart for sure will leap and beat with excitement. Our weary hearts will surely rejoice and when we rejoice we will be able to share kindness and happiness to other people. Because this is the very essence of Christmas – Love. When we love, we give. 

How can we be a giver when we are not happy, when we don’t rejoice? So let music light up our dim souls and fuel up our tired hearts to be able to share the gift of God’s love to our fellow beings. This is Christmas – a season of sharing love especially to all those in need and who lacks in life.

We can experience a music-filled Christmas this 2020 by turning our radio on, or our television and listen to the songs played on them or watch a musical or concert on the TV, whatever kind of music that you love to hear this Christmas. 

Also, we can surf the internet and there play the music we want to hear this Christmas, like going to spotify or youtube or any other media that you can use to listen to music.

Another one, if you are a musician, then you can play your musical instrument and enjoy the music and sound you created. There is really a big advantage if you are a musician because you can make the music you want to hear. So practice to be one.

Also, if you want to share happiness to other people through your music, as a musician, you can play over the internet by doing a livestream or play in your house inside or outside letting your neighbors also hear the music you are playing. 

Because of the pandemic, we are restricted to do efforts to experience a music-filled Christmas like attending a musical concert or music recitals, but with the help of the internet, we can still do them at the least.

The last thing is to sing with our hearts the songs that will make our Christmas a music-filled one.

Really! It is not a joke. Just by hearing a Christmas carol, even if how sad you are, you will feel a warmth in your heart and a bit of excitement and happiness on it. How much more if you sing along and fill your Christmas with music all around.

Music has a power that only those who listen to it can understand. In fact, music is so powerful because it can make you sad, lonely, mad, happy or jolly depending on the music you are listening to.

Let us use the power of music to celebrate Christmas this 2020 and not justy this year nor just Christmas but every time of our life. Let us live with music. Let us fill our life with music. Let us sing our hearts this Christmas!

“Sleigh bells ring, are you list’nin?

In the lane, snow is glist’nin’

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight,

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland.” – Winter Wonderland

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