Best Music Lessons In Calgary City-Learn How To Play Piano, Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Trumpet, Violin

A Perfect Platform To Enhance Your Talent. Learn both vocal and instruments

The therapeutic effect of music lessons cannot be over-emphasized. Music has been proven to be effective for mental health stability. Music can help you fend depression off and boost your mood. What more is better than you been able to play the music to your self and for your family members? This is the reason we have developed courses aimed at helping people reach their ultimate musical potentials.

How your talent is enhanced is by teaching you the theory, the techniques and learning many songs. There is almost immediate gratification that comes with being able to play songs on your new musical instruments. This helps you find purpose and fulfilment and gives you a sense of gratification.


Many Americans and Canadian live a daily life of stress. They are living a live of anxiety over mortgage payments, child care expenses, basic living expenses, holiday allowances. To cut the long story short, keeping up with the jones. Music can help alleviate some of these anxieties and early signs of depression. You can relieve yourself of stress and forget for a moment about all the ups and downs of life and just enjoy the ‘Moment’.

There has been many documented cases of experiments done on patients undergoing surgeries who have been played music of their own choice before, during and after the operations who have significant heart rate improvement. The same was true of the surgeons who performed the operations.

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  • Teaching music theory, aural skills and practical techniques to students
  • Motivating students and encouraging progress
  • Liaising with academic staff and parents.Teachers have determination and perseverance
  • We provide both private(individual) lessons and group lessons
  • Planning and preparing lessons in relation to individual students need and examination syllabuses
  • Entering and preparing students for examinations
  • Assessing student’s abilities, providing feedback
  • Positivity and artistic expression in every music lesson
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