How Music Can Be Your Best Friend

Do you have a best friend?

Me? I don’t have one….before. But now, I already have. You want to know who is my best friend? Music. Music is my best friend.

Last year was  a very tough year for me. I was sick and was also diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

They say friends will always be there for you but during that time of my life, no friends were there for me to talk to and comfort me.

I honestly don’t believe that there would be someone who will be always at your side until I found myself wanting someone to accompany me in my struggle. It was so scary. I am all alone and all in my mind was fear.

I got my phone and went to Youtube. Then music recommendations appeared. Well, actually, I just needed something to make my mind busy so not to keep it thinking about my situation. I thought of really watching movies but because of those music recommendations, I found my best friend.

When I clicked it, it said it was a music for calming anxiety and healing depression. I tried my luck there and see if it will have an effect on me.

I couldn’t believe it. For just a few minutes listening to it, I felt relaxed.

This is unbelievable for someone like me who is not really a fan of music. Well, actually, I like listening to music when my mood tells me to do so but most of the time I don’t listen to music as it is kind of noise on my part.

I really want peace and serenity. This is me before making music as my best friend. But I have discovered that I could also find peace and serenity in music. This is the best thing that happened to me while being sick.

I  was able to finally had a good sleep. After a session of music in a day, I felt so calm to sleep. I felt like I was like sleeping in a soft garden of grasses and flowers and the soft fresh air was caressing me and the sound of birds were singing lullaby for me to sleep.

Everything I imagined was like a paradise. This is the effect of music in me.

So, that was my story on how I started to get along well with music. I became friends with music. 

Now, not only do I listen to calming and relaxing music but also, to my favorite classical and romantic music as well as those body-grooving music.

Every day, whenever I get started hanging out with music, I feel the excitement, the energy, the enthusiasm, the positivity and the relaxation to start my day and continue living this beautiful life in this magnificent world.

Music, for me, is always being there. I am so thankful because music enabled me to have a bestfriend who understands me, well not literally but my feelings and emotions.

Whenever I feel so lonely and sad in a day, someone is willing to comfort me. For me, the lyrics or even the beat and rhythm is telling me that I am with you, I am here for you, I am crying with you and I am just here listening to you.

Most of the time, I am being attacked by my anxiety and depression because of the stress I always get from my family’s situation. That is why, with music being there, I know I will be calm and someone is willing to wipe all my tears away.

Music never leaves me. Whatever is the weather in my life, music is a friend to hang out with. I love music so much. I feel like I can connect my soul to the universe when I indulge myself  with music. 

They say music can control you and influence you. This is definitely true. Music always makes me happy. With the right track I am on, everyday is just so perfect and positivity is just overflowing within and around me.

My body and emotion are being in line with the kind of music I listened to. 

Sometimes, I play music through the use of guitar. This really helps me to be physically hanging out with a friend. When I play the guitar, I feel like talking to someone and laughing with someone.

Also, I know I am not really gifted with  a singing talent but really, singing makes me feel good.

When I sing, I feel like singing together with someone dear to me and it releases all my negative emotions, all my worries and fears and all the heaviness in my heart.

Singing helps me refresh my whole being. I feel like it’s a way I can shout to the world telling that I am not okay or I am so happy. Really, music helps me express things I am crying inside. This is most felt whenever I am singing with the exact lyrics that describe my true emotions.

All in all, I can definitely say that without music in my life, I don’t think I will be able to get through to all the tough times in my life. 

In all my travel or journey in this life, both literally and not, music is always there to accompany me and it is so nice when someone is being with you in your journey. 

Some people may not understand but there is something in music that makes me consider it as my best friend. And I am telling you, music is the only best friend that everyone can have and will never leave by your side. I think music is also a universal language that everyone can understand.

“Music is a heartbeat that never stops, beauty that never fades, a friend that’s always there when you need one, a lover that never leaves.” – American Hiddie

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