Can you already smell it? Yes! Christmas is really near. They say this is the happiest time of the year. 

Christmas is the season of giving- giving joy to the hearts of every person, every living, and with the pandemic going on, everyone of us is expected to live and share the essence of Christmas.

We know that everyone is affected with the pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs and businesses had to close and stop their operations. The global economy dropped so low and how much more the local economy that feeds every family living in that town or area.

So how can we help our local economy this Christmas season to fuel it up again and continue to sustain our daily living?

You got it right! As we had said above, Christmas is the season of giving, so literally we should be generous enough to give by patronizing our local products. 

It is because small businesses keep our local economy on the run and healthy. Also, if we support local small businesses, know that we are also supporting a family’s source of living and a somebody’s dream.

As we all know, local small businesses are the ones that were much affected by the ongoing pandemic. So, this Christmas, why not we help each other to stand up again and continue to feel the happiness this season?

When buying gifts this Christmas, we should try to purchase from local small stores near us. This is one of the ways we can help these small businesses to make them feel that we care for them and make them more hopeful that it’s not the end and that they can always have a fresh start again.

There are really plenty of local stores in our area, if we try to look and search them, we can discover that they have such wonderful products that are very much perfect as gifts for this Christmas. 

Not only that, because when we purchase from these small businesses, they can accommodate us well and can customize our purchases depending on our ideals or wants.

Also, these local small businesses can even offer us better products that are way much cheaper than those products not from our local place. Small business owners are also very hands-on and very much willing to cater our needs and wants and can even give us freebies and discounts.

Another way to share our blessings to our local small businesses this Christmas is when we buy food for Christmas, especially during “Christmas Eve”, when we prepare different kinds of menus that will be shared on the table with our family members.

We should try to purchase from our local grocery stores or local markets. These small businesses offer cheaper prices and also their food produce are way much fresh and directly came from their own harvest without much chemical sprayed on their products so their products also can appear much healthier.

Also, you can bargain price to these local groceries or market owners and they can give you the price you request most of the time. Also, they can give you free items when you purchase a lot from them because these local businesses are very much generous.

Another way to support local small businesses this Christmas is when you feel like you want to eat in  a restaurant, you should choose to eat in those local restaurants in your area. 

Not only that you’re gonna be enjoying local foods from your area while witnessing the beauty of your own place, but also you’re gonna be helping these local restaurants that other people will also be attracted to come in because they saw you come into these restaurants too.

Next, you can also opt to purchase online in order to support local small businesses. Because of the pandemic, most small businesses are already having their businesses online. Make sure to choose to purchase online from a local small business in your area so in this way, you are helping also your community’s economy to grow back again.

Also, if you want to enroll in some recreational activity this Christmas like fitness and sports or music or dance lessons or educational classes or training, you need to go over to the local business in your area that offers that kind of recreation or entertainment or hobby.

In this way, you are gonna helping their businesses to continue to exist and helping these small businesses to support their families living and their dreams.

One last thing, since this is Christmas, we must all be very generous of all that we can share to help each one of us make this Christmas still the happiest time of the year. 

We can extend our support to local small businesses by promoting their products to our families, friends, colleagues either in any way of communications or media.

We can post photos of it to our social media accounts and share our positive reviews and experiences towards these local small businesses.

It is true that we cannot give or share what we don’t have but it is also definitely true that we can help if we really want to, even  in our own little ways.

This Christmas season let us help each other because only by helping each other, we can make a difference. We may be under this pandemic, but this pandemic cannot forever make our lives miserable.

Let us all bring back the joy in the hearts of everyone and let them experience the happiest time of the year.

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