How to Teach Yourself Guitar In Two Weeks

It may seem unbelievable but yes, you can learn to play guitar in just a span of two weeks.

Well, I have to clarify first that after two weeks this doesn’t mean that you are already as good as a musician who has been playing guitar for more than 10 years. Of course , not. This is not the case.

This article is just intended for all people, young and old who want to learn to play guitar but discouraged by what other people say that it’s a long journey and hardship to be able to learn to play guitar.

Yes, what they are saying is true. What they really mean is that it really takes time to be able to become a great guitarist. You’ll spend days mastering how to play the guitar confidently and perfectly. 

But what we are talking about here is you can learn to play a guitar in a span of two weeks. Which doesn’t mean, you’ll also become  a great guitarist in a span of two weeks. No! Absolutely not!

Well, who can tell? Maybe you could. It will always depend on your determination and the effort you put in.

So, let’s begin!

Ways on How to Learn to Play a Guitar in a Short Period of Time 

1. Learn how to read a guitar tablature.

A guitar tablature is a musical notation for guitar indicating instrument fingering. 

Being able to learn how to read this guitar tab will help you to easily and quickly learn how to play a particular song.

It is an advantage on your part if you know how to read a guitar tablature. Not only it will make you be able to properly position your fingers but also it will let you play songs that you didn’t expect you can play. 

Why? Because guitar tablature is an easier type of written musical notation for guitarists.

2. Familiarize the basic guitar chords.

Actually, this is a shortcut to be able to learn quickly how to play a guitar. 

If you are able to know the basic guitar chords and are able to know each of the chords proper finger position, then definitely, you can already strum a song in a guitar.

The 5 basic guitar chords that you need to learn are the C major, A major, G major, E major, and the D major. You can research them all on the net or you can buy a music book to learn them.

Do you know that by just using these few basic guitar chords, you can already play thousands and even millions of songs in your guitar.

So this is how  important it is to know these basic guitar chords and familiarize their proper finger position in your guitar.

Practice familiarizing them diligently and you’re on the right track already.

3. Learn and practice how to strum the guitar.

Being able to know and familiarize the basic guitar chords is already a great achievement but you can’t produce sound or music without strumming the guitar.

So basically, you should know how to strum a guitar.

Strumming a guitar should appear as natural and easy. It should not make you look like you’re putting a lot of effort.

So you have to make sure that you enjoy the strumming and it is in tune with the song with your fingers on the fretboard.

If we try to imagine it, it looks complicated since we are involving both our hands and all our fingers as well as our body. But as you go on each day, you’ll become used to it and you would get comfortable a bit each day.

One basic thing in doing strumming is obviously you’ll hurt your fingers. Hey! This is just normal. All other musicians and great guitarists also hurt their fingers to be able to become as great as they are now. But don’t worry, once you become used to strum, it won’t hurt anymore.

One technique that most guitarists often used is the finger drills. There are plenty of ways on how you can do finger drills. One common way is by just strumming each of your fingers in each of the strings of the guitar. Do it repeatedly until your fingers get used to strumming the guitar.

4. Dedicate 20-30 minutes a day to play a song on your guitar using the basic chords.

“Practice makes perfect.” This saying is timeless.  

No one becomes an expert in something without practice. Every great musician dedicated a lot of time and effort just to win in their craft.

This should also be true to everyone who aspires to learn how to play a guitar.

Even those who have already been playing for more than 20 years or 50 years still do practice their stuff. It is because learning, as we all know, is an unending process and that when we stop learning, we stop breathing.

Spending 20 minutes a day trying to play a song having only the basic guitar chords will really help you a lot to master the chords, the positions, the strumming, the techniques, and the guitar itself.

If you think you can already play a song using the basic guitar chords, you can opt to try to play a song with a combination of the basic guitar chords and the other non-basic guitar chords.

This way, you can challenge yourself to learn more and to play the guitar better.

5. Enroll in a guitar lesson offline or online.

Well, if you really want to achieve to learn how to play a guitar in a two weeks span but lack the motivation and the push to pursue it, then you must opt to enroll in a guitar lesson class.

To be honest, this is the best way actually because when you have a teacher to teach you and to learn things from, you’ll become more disciplined, motivated and confident towards achieving your goal.

Aside from that you are guided on the things that you need to do every step of the way. Also, it will be easier for you to learn things because the music teacher will let you understand the lessons passionately.

So if you want to enroll in a guitar lesson, you can choose from an offline class or an online class .

Both settings are nice and beneficial. But if you want to stay at the comfort of your home, you can hop in to online or virtual guitar lessons.

This kind of setting is what is already common nowadays, not just because of the comfort it offers and less hustle and stress in travelling but also, in a virtual class, you’ll enjoy a different kind of music experience that an offline cannot offer. 

If you want to know what is that experience I am talking about, you should try to enroll now and experience it for yourself.

There are a lot of virtual music classes offered online but Calgary Music Tutor is highly recommended when it comes to learning to play musical instruments especially the guitar.

Visit their website now at and experience a new world of music and talents.

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