Psychology of Music

Can you live without music? Can you imagine a world without the existence of music?

If you can’t do all of the above, then it just proves that music is really an essential thing in our lives.

How essential it is in our lives? How essential it is in your life? What is music for you and what is its role in your life? How does music affect your everyday life?

Based on your answers from the questions above, we can say that music plays a very important role in our lives and that psychological processes associated with musical stimuli take place when we listen to music, play musical instruments, compose and make music.

In a world where everyone has his or her own reasons to be busy, music gives us a break and relaxation. It calms our emotions and it brings us harmony and peace of mind. It takes away the stress of life. It gives less worries  to our lives.

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”      – Confucius

Have ever think of it that every time you are so stressed and overworked or exhausted but when you suddenly hear a soft music or a soft melody, you feel like being relaxed and all the heavy weight of stress in your body just vanished in a second and your overcrowded mind were suddenly becoming light and your negative emotions are being calmed.

Another instance is that, whenever you don’t have the energy to live in a day, like to get up from bed, to go to work or to do the things that you wanted because you feel like being tired  and your mind is just gone blank, but when a loud and uplifting music or sound like a dance music is being played, or your favorite song, you automatically move your body with it and sing happily with the music.

Also, when you’re mad and you feel like your blood pressure is going up already but when you suddenly hear a nice love song or a song that reminds you of something, or a dance music, your body automatically moves with the rhythm and you can’t control your mouth to just along with it.

Indeed, there is something in music that can calm and relax us whenever we feel stressed, exhausted, weary, tired and mad. See? How about you, how does music relieve your stress and worries away? 

In some dimensions where we are annoyed already by the sound of so much silence in our lives, music plays a melody of enthusiasm, energy, hope and reasons. Music makes life more colorful, fun and powerful. It gives more life to our lives.

“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” ― Robert Fripp

Have you ever been depressed? If yes, did you ever listen to music while being at that pace? How did music help you during that struggle? Did music help you gain your healing?

Most of us are experiencing depression nowadays and depression is not a fake mental issue. It affects our whole body system and in return makes our body to not function normally anymore.

But did you ever know that music can heal depression? Yes, it can! 

Many people who have been experiencing loneliness, sadness, and depression ought to make music as their healing therapy. They said, just by listening to it symptoms of depression slowly fade away and they feel relieved from the thing that makes them “overthink”.

 “Music is the strongest form of magic.” ― Marilyn Manson   

They also added that they really were healed by music. They just can’t explain it. It’s like a phenomenon or some kind of magic that repairs the mind.

Also, another instance is that when we don’t have the confidence to do a thing, when we hear a very uplifting music, it drives our energy and enthusiasm to continue going forward.

Another one, when we feel lonely and bored, music is our best friend. We just play an instrument or turn on the radio and listen to songs being played and everything goes noisy and funky again.

In the very best, we can say that music gives us enjoyment, satisfaction and hope to continue our lives. It creates a world that is so colorful and fun.

Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heartstrings. It acts as medicine.” – Macklemore

It can be said that music and our minds have some kind of connection that is hard to grasp and the way we perceive music has really a great impact on our psychology.

Notice also that, through music we can feel different kinds of emotions and those emotions that we can feel affects the way we will behave at that moment.

The Psychology of music simply tells us that music simply cannot be detached in our lives because of its strong connection to our inner being, to our deepest reason – to our souls.

The way we respond and react to music is just a proof of the connection we have to it. Our mind is so powerful but music can enter it and befriend with it.

Music makes us move. Music makes us feel. Music gives us life.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Now, one last question is “why do you listen to music?”

Based on the above, we can say we definitely must engage ourselves to music. We have many different reasons personally, but it only narrows down to one reason. What is it?

We listen to music because we need it. Why do we need music? Simply because music influences our minds and our emotions. We can feel the connections and we badly need it.

It affects us in so many ways. It gives us the desires of our hearts, it heals our pain and it just simply makes us happy.

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