What Makes a Great Musician?

Who is your music idol? Why do you idolize him or her? What makes him or her stand out from the rest?

I am sure all of us have a music idol that we idolize and even imitate because we feel that we are being carried away by his or her music and we are being inspired by his way of life.

We idolize him or her because he performs well. Indeed, we can say, he or she is a great musician.

So, what really makes a great musician?

  1. Love of Music

This is a given criteria when we consider someone as a great musician. From the word music, of course, to be a great musician he or she really is a lover of music.

Who is a lover of music? Well, it could be the birds in the sky who sing their hearts to the one they love or the grasshoppers who rub a hind-leg on a forewing like a violin and play the summer soundtrack or the song of the humpback whale who are all ready to give life to her most loved babies.

A lover of music isn’t just anybody. He or she is somebody who can see the music itself. He or she can feel and touch it. He or she can understand a music without  a sound. He or she can be seen as the happiest when she’s with music. He or she glows and shines like a star in the sky when he or she performs his or her musical talent.

A lover of music breathes his or her life with music.

2. Passion

What is passion for you?

For every great musician, passion is their driving force. Without passion, there wouldn’t exist a musician in themselves.

Yes, given that a certain someone has a love for music but would it be enough to make him a great musician?

No. Why? Because if you want to be great you have to act. You have to persevere and be determined enough to become someone you dreamed of.

This is what passion is – your love and your constant effort. 

Without passion, giving up is the ultimate choice. But when you are passionate, you have that intense desire to reach your dream, you have that eagerness and enthusiasm to continue what you have started.

Passion is what gives you excitement to do a thing. It is the spirit that keeps the fire burning in your heart to commit to something you love.

3. A Great Attitude

According to Earl Nightingale, “ A great attitude is not the result of success; success is the result of a great attitude.”

Funny it would be, but this is the reality. Even if how great your talent is or how talented you are but when your attitude sucks, the spotlight will just pass you by.

What do we mean by having a great attitude?

A person with a great attitude is someone who knows how to love truly. He loves himself, which means he accepts every inch of who he is and he is proud of it, that is why he has this self-confidence. He is someone who values others more than himself. He respects himself and he has a huge respect  for all the people around him and respect for everyone that has life. He is very humble and he accepts and learns from criticisms. He has the willingness to listen, to obey, to follow and to continue learning and improving. He knows how to mingle with people and to treat them well. He always has that smile for everyone and he has a positive aura that people admire.

He has the heart for the needy. He is someone who appreciates other people’s talents and is happy for the success of others. He always speaks with kindness. More than anything else, he has that great faith in the Creator.

Sounds so perfect, right?  Yes, because we are looking for a great attitude. A great musician may not have all those good qualities but he must be close to all those qualities to be considered great.

If you have that great attitude, even if you’re not that talented, people will love you to the best they can because attitude is what matters most after all.

4. Talent  


A great musician is talented. But not all are born with a musical talent, some people use passion to earn a talent for it. 

See? I hope you have understood now why attitude matters more than talent. I do believe that if someone has a passion for something, that someone will be able to achieve that something.

But of course, we have to make it clear that musical talent or skills is very much important no matter where your level is, as long as you have that skill and you keep improving that skill and you have the passion for it, then you can be  considered a great musician.

To have that musical talent, a certain someone must spend years and a huge effort.

We have to remember that we can be talented without being so good. By showing the best we can and the love we have while showcasing our talent, we could shine like a diamond!

It doesn’t happen overnight. To be great means to be advanced in years. A great musician is not always the famous one. He may be seen in a dark, small corner of  a street.

A great musician is simply the one who enjoys the presence of music in his life.

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